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Project Description

For this project, the goal was the creation of a wearable object as a form of brand extension and this
wearable object will be designed to tackle social or individual well being issues of the society in the near 5 years.

Project Information

Project Type: Academic 

Project Duration:  Eight weeks

Instructor: Dr. Hazal Gumus Ciftci

Solo Project:  Annie Roo

Group Research:  Kaitlyn Smith, Annie Waugh, Summer Geissman

Vibrating "Headphones"

In five years, Spotify will almost certainly increase their product line as part of their brand development and incorporation of new technologies and accessibility. 


VIBE, the vibrating sound device, is the most anticipated product to appear  with a range of devices coming out with the goal of simplicity in their goods, and a brand value that focuses reinforcing the concept of "music for all" on which they pride themselves with.

This device focuses on delivering vibrations to the user and also gives them the option of audio sound depending on the level of their deafness. It connect to your Spotify account and turns the any song on the platform into vibrations. It also acts as a community builder with its connection feature that finds other deaf individuals with the device and "matches" you with users with similar musics tastes at the end of every week.

High Def_ Render.jpg

Brand Research & Analysis 

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